Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pong ....the story of a star. ( updated)

Siang tadi sepetang kami keAlor Setar.Lebih tepat ke Animal Centre and Surgery ,Pumpong.

Semasa registration clerk bertanya apa nama nak tulis....PONG jawab makcik

So officially Tampong is Pong as stated in the registration card below.
patient's card.....miss Pong

This is the chronology of events that lead to our appointment with the friendly vet..Dr Ravi.

It has been a week since that fateful incident.Pong was grazed by the tyre of cikli's car.I was in the house when I heard a loud shriek.
Rushed to the door and saw Pong limping and writhing in pain....pitiful
Abah..you dah gelek kaki Pong! I shrieked. Cikli got down from his car and nursed the injured kitty. Fear struck.
Could see the fright on nina's and Bu's faces as well.  What a malee.

kesian Pong
Mama jgn marah Pong....agaknya kata Bu kpd Nina

The next day was a Sunday and the vet clinic in Kangar was closed.So we just applied minyak gamat on her leg .
Poor Pong was brought to the clinic on Monday.After taking a look at the kitten and giving her an injection,she was sent home.The personnel at clinic suggested taking Pong to Penang as they have no expertise to look into her injury. Hmmm dengan cikli tak sihat juga ciktam cikli pun sama ,susah  la nak kesana.

Days passed by slowly.Pong would give a loud cry whenever she shifted.Bu as usual would give a round of tomoi with her sibling.And Pong would growl fiercely as if saying:

kita lama dah tak main tomoi tomoi

Oooi jangan kacau la! Tak nampak ka aku sakit !

Yesterday.cikten read my blog.Immediately she pressured us to take Pong for a second opinion.She gave us the number of Dr.Ravi's clinic which cikli cordially called .
Mama ,just bawa Pong .Bayaran ten buat...

So at two this afternoon,P ong was a patient at the Animal Centre & Surgery.
Coming back to Perlis,the poor little darling was a star at another clinic...she garnered the
 att ention of the people at a clinic where cikli sought treatment.

Pray for Pong.Hopefully she recover the use of her leg.If not she would be named Pang...

doakan Pong tak jadi Pang you all ya...

* had trouble typing this post.....apekehe dgn blogger ni ha?
If all is well...this post will be updated with pictures.

Till then.Bye.Sleep tight loves.


  1. Kesiannya Pong, harap2 tak jadi Pang...

  2. Aduhai
    Kesiannya Pong.
    Masa saya tinggal di Penang, saya selalu bawa Kucing saya ke Vet yg terletak di jalan batu lancang.

  3. Harap2 lah Pong semakin sembuh... kata orang kucing ada 9 nyawa...

  4. alahaiii get well soon Pong..

    teringat kucing sy, Beto..kena langgar dgn motor, dilenyek tang perot, luar nampak ok..tp bila bergerak dia mengerang sakit..mujurlah cepat dibawa ke vet, rupanya usus da pecah sikit..kena tahan wad, surgery bagai...melayang $$$$ tapi sayang punya pasal, kukorbankan jua...alhamdulillah panjang umur beto, masih sihat smpai hari ni..