Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY....making slipcovers

A few months before I embarked on a DIY project for RBL's dining chairs. Alas,I didnt come across tips on the howabout .So this makcik hentam sajalah ikut cara dia.

And the consequences were least than expected.

After a single wash the covers looks like limp veggy. And with Bu's making them her fav,scratching post.Now there were torn in places and seams that came away...Poor them.

So this is what cikson contemplated in doing.Another slipcover project.
I had gathered a few sites and will be adding to them along the way.

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Cara membuatnya  cikson jumpa .....

Dan dalam pencarian cikson ,terjumpa lagi beberapa design

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tapi kan...entahlah bila nak mula.

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