Monday, December 29, 2014

Among the clouds...

A few days ago I was high up in the sky.Flying the length and width of the peninsula.Only the southern part was omitted as it was not in the path.
I was on the SBZ bound Malindo from Kepala Batas ....AOR as it is coded.The journey was uneventful.But along the way,cikli gripped my thigh....anxiety written on his face as the aircraft gave a jerk.I was focussing my attention to the clouds outside.I noticed that the aircraft was just over a clump of clouds.
That was mild.Wait until we reached the runway.
Terhentak ponggong bila tayar mencecah tarmac.
And finally we safely landed.Alhamdulilah.

Coming back from Kuantan I once again chose the airline.But this time around it had to be a trip to SBZ and a later flight to AOR...oh ye...the journey to the airport was more heart stopping than the flights.
Mana taknya air tgh dok naik kiri kanan.
Risau hati bukan utk diri sendiri tapi tentang anak yang sorang.Mcm mana dia nak cari jalan pulang.
Throughout the flight from Kuantan to Subang my attention was directed to the terrains below.I noticed that the rivers muddy and some places overflowing.Rivers that wind up and down seemed to be alive.Having a life of their own.
Mana taknya.Dari atas awan,nampak sungai sungai seakan melentuk lentuk.And never did I notice rivers that large when I travelled before.
From SBZ I kept looking down....but tiredness took the better of me.Might have dozed off since I couldnt recall the adventure.
Nak recall apa....Kapalterbang kali ni terbang atas awan..Putih saja yang nampak until we reached Kedah.

Sometimes I wonder how would it be if the captain just bulldozed through the thick culumbus ++ clouds.But today on tv I got the answer..

Pray for QZ.


  1. semoga semuanya selamat...Pray for East Coast, Pray for Malaysia and Pray for QZ8501..

  2. Imagine a flight a few days later, after the latest tragedy. Bersyukurlah kita semua