Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Its Tuesday once again

Its Tuesday once again.Phew how time flies.
Time for nina to pen my thoughts....purrrrr.
Mamason @ cikson was in no mood to blog.Must be grieving for the fallen MH 17 and the aftermath of what happening.Seems its a hard time for her.....all are spinning off tangent at the moment.Hope she regain her self soon.
saja saja suka suka panjat sini sana

Its 4.00 am when suddenly nina felt a sharp pain in my abdomen.I jumped onto cikson's bed and nudged her.She just pushed me away...murmuring her displeasure in her slumber.
Oiii ni tak boleh jadi.
I crossed over to cikli's .Hmmm orang tua ni lagi teruk.Macam batang pisang bila tidur.
So to cikson again.This time cikson woke up and dragged the box and asked me to get in there.
Kalau nak beranak...masuk sini.She beckoned.
Maamaa..... bukan nak beranak la ....senak perrrrrut.
I rushed out of the room with cikson following me at my heels.
Well....cikson understood my predicament this time around.
She switched on the kitchen and the backyards lights.Put the key in the door and opened the grill.
Ha....pi keluaq...she said between her teeth.
Marahlah tu tengah malam malam kena bangun .Tapi kan kalau aku terberak atas katil dia lagilah dia marah.
I went out.Cautiously.What if that angry young cat was also out prowling .....Jenuh dia ligan nina keliling rumah.Tentu tak cukup tanah.
Cikson closed the door behind me.Mujuq that silly terrrrorist was nowhere to be seen.
After finishing my business I tried to enter the house.Oh no mamason has locked all entrances!
So I jumped over the fence and trotted to the neighbours house.

celah celah besi dekat bahagian bawah perut nina tersangkut

Then I heard a voice....a familiar one..
Nina....nina ....nina ..
Its mamason's. In my eagerness to return home I pushed my body through the railing.
Adoi....tersangkut perut.Makcikson ketawa mengekeh tengok nina dok tersangkut.
And its been days she has laughed heartily....since hari berkabung Malaysia .

Itulah story nina kali ni....

Ninasandaq yang hari ni susah nak bersandaq..sbb perut dah besaq...

susah betul nak mandi pagi

Ninasandaq sambil dengaq lagu industan.....caliya calya..chow  he..

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