Thursday, August 28, 2014

DIY.....stop it nina!

Nina,stop it! Cikli yelled at the top of his voice.
Nina stopped what she was doing...clawing at the chair.
But when she was distressed ,she started it again....

Pukul baru tau...cikson warned her.Again and again.The little scoundrel eyed her mistress through the corner of her eyes as if to say..
Well..we'll see.

Adoi....itulah tabiat nina yang menaikkan marah ciklicikson.Mencakar .
So.....cikson tried her best to cover the cushion in any way she could.She placed the tablemats on each chair and tried covering them with scarves.
She tried to find someone who could sew her covers to the chairs but unabel to do so.
Wait....lets DIY ourselves.She asked cikli to get the old sickly Inai sewing machine repaired.Now its at the shop waiting to get its new lease of life.

Hmm one problem looked into.Hoping for the best.
Now ,cikson got her fabric pieces.And these are her options.Its up to the owner of RBL to make a choice.
Ciklin...which one do you prefer?


or this?

And as for the how to...she's got the google to ask .

what about this style?


  1. Mama cantiknya stripes tuuuu

    1. I have eyes for the turquoise on the other hand.

  2. Yang nombor dua (jalur2 tu) nampak ok... :)

  3. haa i pun agree. nak choose yang nombor dua tuu yang stripe tuuu

    1. Ok... tapi yang tak syioknya mesin jahit tu dah 3 minggu dok terperap kat Singer.Kes naya ni.