Monday, June 16, 2014

and its such a busy day

Wow .Got my hands full this weekend.
Besides cooking for the three stooges and their pa,cikson was roped in for RBL little projects.

We had our lunch in RBL ...after cooking their desired dishes,packed the food and whisked them for lunch in Behor Gonchar where cikli was.It was our first lunch there.Soon gulai ketam tak rasa garam ,sambal pelam instead of machang ,ikan tenggiri masak kicap for those with ketam allergies appeared on the table of RBL.
Program nak ajak FILMIL berlunch bersama tak jadi kerana dua duanya tak sihat.
Stayed at RBL until late afternoon

Well itulah anekdot kami anak beranak hari Sabtu....seemed mundane isnt it.

Sunday came...and as early as 8 I was already cooking for the duo .Tentu R&R sibuk ..I visualised.So nasi putih ,ayam goreng togel,sambal tumis udang was packed in containers for a take away.To be eaten along the way.And at 11 the duo departed for KL.

Then to town we went as ciklin was still hunting for electrical goods for RBL.At a  shop in Arau she got what she wanted.Not until we went in and out of a few shop comparing prices...

Nak beli apa apa...nak buat apa apa jangan terburu buru.Shop around,ask around. was my advice.Jangan nanti tampaq dai bila kena bayaq mahai.
Ala mama ni.....peningla masuk keluar kedai kata saorang.

At 7 another daughter was sent off at the bus stop.
And after that ciklicikson travelled the busy road to AS, to KMC.
Kesian FILMIL ...dua dua admitted .

And when we returned around 10.00 cikli drove ketepi ketengah.Seriau cikson.
Mana tidaknya....he rushed back to Kangar after spending his whole day attending to his parents matter,then rushed back to kangar to send ciklin to the bus station.Then rushed back to AS with cikson to see the warded patients...

Indeed it was a rather busy day today..

Dan bila tengok rumah macam tongkang yard,cikson buat pejam mata.Kuis sikit sikit and ploooop...pejam mata atas sofa.

the end......