Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My deepest condolences...KMPh

the lake....googled

I was watching a programme on TV 1 when I noticed the scroll?at the bottom of the tv.screen.
Oh my..not again..I lamented.
Yet another live was lost.Yet another young soul cut abruptly by some unprecedented circumstances.

the lake...googled
Got a call from my girl.Noticed the quiver in her voice.
Mum...another tragedy...I heard the voice on the other end of the line.

It so happened that she was at the premise and returned to her apartment just before the tragedy struck .A mere few minutes later she came to hear of the news from her girls.The students were having bbq by the lake and she got invited..She was there and did gave some stern advice to her boys and girls to keep a safe distance from the water.Students as they were ,were a rumbustious  lot,jostling and laughing while savouring the food .Then out of a sudden,havoc broke out.Two youths from another group fell or did they jump into the lake.And sadly one was to perish.Only found at the bottom of the lake 4 hours later..after yassin was read and prayer performed.

In a space of over ten years after her inception in 2003...forgive me if I was wrong..KMPH has her share of misfortunes.A few years before students drowned when they attended a camping trip somewhere.An ex student was drowned too just after he finished his college there.Last year a student met with her demise when the rented car they were travelling crashed.A huge notice was put up to warn the students not to rent unauthorized vehicles.

Poor tuan director of KMPH must be in a quandary.The aftermath of a tragedy as usual its the head who have to answer all the prodding. ...from the police,the ministry,the papers even to some extent the royalty.Kesian dia.Tak lama lagi dah nak pencen.
Jadi GB dulu pun dekat nak pencen terpaksa hadapi keadaan genting.Mujurlah dapat settlekan tapi itulah...bukan nak kata...penat lelah kita adakala orang tak pandang pun sebelah mata.

To KMPH my utmost sympathies.And to the parents too.May Allah be with you.
Teringat tiga minggu semasa berada disana melihat anak anak muda dikolej itu ...riang dipadang,berdua,berbondong kesana kesitu...buat diri ini terasa sayu.KMPH where I called home a number of times...love being there.


  1. Sedih dengar...KMPH stands for what?

    1. kesian kan..anak tu of mix german parentage..handsome.KMPH ..kolej matrikulasi Pahang di Gambang.

    2. Allahhu Akbar...I baca semalam kat blog Berita Pahang...O itu.
      Dah sedekah Al Fatihah kat roh dia...Mohd Ezly Bukhari...memang very handsome boy...

  2. Silap sebut..Arwah Mohd Ely Bukhari..Al Fatihah..
    Semoga Allah SWT Rahmati rohnya dan rohnya tergolong bersama yang soleh dan beriman..Ameen..
    Takziah pada keluarganya.

    1. arwah pelajar yang disayangi rakan dan pensyarah.
      mungkin antara beratus murid yang selalu bermain dipadang depan rumah anak..