Saturday, March 15, 2014

6.30 am...a Saturday

It was last Saturday....the flight MH370 was DELAYED.

We have been to the airport numerous times.Gazed at the notice on arrival.Relieved when its written LANDED.A bit agitated when there's no news...or when it does DELAYED on ends.
Cant imagine the anxiety at Beijing Airport that fateful day...

Assumptions,Possibilities,Probabilities,Hypotheses crept up...some unfounded,some hearsay,some supported with facts and figures that ordinary laymen would choke in the throat to digest.

Hijacked? Probable....just read an article why Russia was dumbfounded   that America....bla bla bla.Diego Garcia among the bla.

Pilot's  error,misconduct...another probablity.Kesian here because he cant defend his credibility.His interest in aviation ,his having a flight simulator in the comfort of his home gave rise to speculations.Tu belum lagi hubungan dia suami isteri.Tengah ada konflik ke.Tengah apa ke.....His political inclination also came under surveillance...Kesiannya.Cos he cant answer back..

Nak tergelak juga when Malaysia and we Malays were made to look like fools.....all because of VVVP bomoh..Dah jadi laughing stock of the world.Agaknya kalau dia tampar macam dia tampar kokedai, jadi apa ya.Anyway..JK please be on your lookout.Makcik bab bab ni memang takut...

My only hope for MH370 be found.Safe and sound.Lets pray for them.