Friday, February 28, 2014

Tak bergolek pun luka..

I woke up ...haha if I really woke up because literally I wasnt asleep at all last night.Being left alone with just fifi for company,sleep was hard to get.Or if I slept it might be just a few winks.

I was groggy .

Had the washing machine on,straighten the house here and there and put on the kettle.After a cup of my elixir of life....yakni hehe..nescafe se mug I felt a bit better.Heard a knock on the door and when I opened it,there was a plastic bag of breakfast hanging on the door knob.Thanks Amirah...she's been going up and down the stairs sending me lunch and dinner yesterday.You are truly god send.

Back to the question of spending the night. I had the radio on tuned to ..apakebende punya channel entah.And in the middle of the night I woke up to the chatting of the dj...and to the songs she/he played.La kenapa dia kuat bunyinya. To get up and adjust the volume ...haha another reason.I was too lazy.So until subuhlah the radio was on.The lights too were on all over the place.Jenuh ciklin nak bayar bil bulan ni.

Today ciklin will be back from Bukit Tinggi after a whirlwind course.A more than two hours drive back to Gambang along a meandering up and down the hill road.Kesian dia.Kesana kemari sendiri.My 3 weeks here gave her company ,advices and a helping hand.Her busy schedule was just like what I endured during my teaching .And when tokton came over for a few days ,she did what I do for my daughter.

Mama ni rehatlah...she always said to me like what I said to my mother..

By Sunday..insha allah ..I will firefly back to aloq staq...then to Kangaq.

Back to the square one...
bunga utk kakak

Humphrey seemed moody ..not his playful self.Rindu akak agaknya.

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