Saturday, February 1, 2014

Its CNY and the brood came marching home

Its the first time since last eid when the children of no.7 came home.Together gether.Says orang la ni.

SisLin drove all the way from SK,ferrying her 3 siblings in her Forte.Coming over from Gambang the other day.Starting the journey very early in the morning at 4.A smooth journey despite the rush back home exodus  which is so so Malaysian comes any festive season.But mom was restless hence knowing the risk taken to travel at the time the biological alarm clock tells that its time for snoozing.

I was in the midst of cooking when the brood arrived.

Maaaaa....masak apa .Lapaaaaq.They screamed.

By one the famished children were fed ayam masak merah@cabai which is their number one  fav.Sup daging from the mee kuah spree.And topping up was the ikan terubuk masin from Sarawak.A happy mum was I seeing the children gobbling the food.And by 4 some has taken the second round until the food was gone.Licin

And when there was no more food to fed by know where we went?
To Kuala la of course.

After maghrib cikli crammed the whole family into ciktam and drove to Mona diKoma.Ehh bukan mona tu koma.KomaLaut di Kuala Perlis was one jam packed by the time we arrived.Droves of people came and hundreds of vehicles parked by the roadside.Luckily cikten made a call for reservation.And a few minutes of waiting our food finally arrived.Pity those who walked in.We have finished eating while they were waiting blankly at their tables...Ingat anak anak reservation kalau nak makan di sini masa orang ramai.

We were satisfied with the food ,the service and the rm paid .For six of us ,abang wen foot the bill.Only 90.Inclusive of drinks.Murah la tu...

I thought house no 7 has only the children to welcome home.when abang excitedly announced another wayfarer's arrival.Certeka.certeka...

Mr.Mok !

We thought we had lost him after 2 weeks of not seeing him....might write about this the next chapter...

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  1. Seronok no bila semua balik rumah!!!! Saya ni anak nombot 2 baru nak pi asrama.....ishh....apa nak buat tak tau! Tinggailah Marina sorang kat rumah...merela la dia.....she'll miss both her brothers....even la ni pon dok tidoq pakai gebarg abang! Hahahahaha