Monday, February 17, 2014

Humphrey who?

view from my window
Holed up on the 3rd floor apartment of the staff  housing means that I seldom meet any species of my own on a regular basis.Been staying here for a week and my visitor was only cikten who made the journey from KL by bus this weekend.Such a pleasure to have her over.We cooked kotiau sup for lunch and had that too for dinner...heaven till the last drop especially that concoction of sambal kicap that cikten made.Got to ask her for the exact recipe.

Cikten had since went back to the capital and here I am alone again in this room facing the mini arena of the complex.Consolation is ....I have Humphrey with me.

Humphrey? ....humhrey who?...lecturer ,doctor,lawyer,pilot,director atau ahli musik....

Dia pemalu,pendiam dan gebu.Matanya bila merenung nampak sayu.Siapa terpandang harus terpaku.

Humphrey....I called to him.Well,as a shy four legged being he scuttled to the safety of the bed in ciklin's room.I coaxed him to come out but he retreated further inside.Eh pemalunya jantan sekor ni..I thought.And I long for my own bushy tailed squirrel whom I left at no.7 ...hundreds of kilometres away.
jejaka perasan

Humphrey....I called to him.But humphrey was more interested in the birds flying merrily and freely outside the window.Once a while,a pair or two would perch on the ledge of the house.Chirping loudly much to the consternation of fifi...humphrey for short.
I noticed that the birds would always come in pairs...

merenung ke alam jadi hiburan

ehh  kenapa tak muat badan ku ini....cari jalan keluar berjalan.
Ehh...kalau aku dapat tak taulah apa aku nak buat....mungkin itu dia berangan.I saw the fire in his eyes .

Fifi...nak tackle anak dara orang kena pandai ambil hati....
Lagi satu birdie tu dah ada hubby....


  1. Comelnya kucing
    Kalau anak saya dpt fifi tu mmg menjerit minta nak bela...
    Skrg dah merungut kata lonely... Kasih nak curah pd kucing, kucing takda...

    1. akak,
      fifi comel tapi pemalu.Sampai hari ni masih segan segan dgn saya.Di Seri kembangan anak ada 2 ekor anak fifi yang gebu.Kalau dia setuju nak bagi kucing tu buat adoption/jual.Nanti saya tanya.