Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cameron here we come...

And when they were home,they were home
And when they were back,they left one by one.
House no 7 was a flurry of activities this CNY holiday.And the last one to leave home is ciklin.And makcik suddenly had an idea of following her to Pahang...
We were packing things to bring along when at the spur of the moment,makcik suggested making a detour to Cameron Highlands.And out of the blue cikli too was interested to join the twosome.
And zam zam ala kazam,at 5 the trio reached the designated  place known for her strawberries and vegetables.

The journey was smooth all the way from Kangar and it was easy breezy getting a room for the night.It is the third time cikson stayed in this hotel.Century Pine Resort in Tanah Rata.When ciklin was surfing the net and trying to book a room in Agoda cikson suggested Century Pine again.At 235 a night it was a reasonable offer.The room spacious although its just a superior room.

Mama ni tak jemu ka dok hotel tu saja.Tukarla hotel lain pula...cikli commented.

No aircon,no fan  and yet we were shivering . Sejuk gedi .

Dinner was just a walk away from the hotel at Gerai Fisha Tanah Rata .Tomyam campurnya sedappp.Lapar dan sejuk buat selera makan menjadi jadi.Ciklin yang tak pernah habis makan selalunya,siap licin sepinggan nasi goreng kampung..Siap tapau mee dan bihun goreng lagi

Tomorrow we will embark on a journey to KL .And along the way....gerai,restaurant,kebun sila menanti..

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