Thursday, January 16, 2014

The gangsters

After subuh,I was at the singer sewing machine cabinet.Not sewing anything ,mind you, but surfing the net.
Sissy Squirrel was at my feet...making a sound.
Haa..nak pa ni .
I could see the whiskers moving.His eyes pleading.
I continued reading.

Before I could utter a word,that soft spoken long and slender male cat sprang onto my laptop.
And screen went white..blank.
Apa dah jadi ni? I hollered.

Taking squirrel away ,I ushered him to the door.Before I could open the door,squirrel gave a struggle and made a grrrrr sound.
I stepped out and held him in my arms.I could feel his body tightened in my arms. ka yang hang takut sangat ni...a yellow cat was on the hood of cikli's car.Staring intently.
Squirrel by then has jumped out of my hold and ran as if his life was in danger back into the house.

Kesian anak mama.Didepan sikuning menunggu dibelakang pakcik mana entah dok disitu.

I scooped the young and innocent squirrel and talked to him.Macamlah dia faham.Tapi kan lihat misai dia dok gerak gerak macam dia mengiyakan kata makcik.

Janganlah takut....lawan balik .Depa tu bukan kuat mana pun...Kalau luka mama bubuh ubat...

Later when the window was opened,squirrel was nowhere to be seen in the house.In the distance,I could hear the sounds of male cats fighting.

Haa macam tulah anak jantan!


  1. kak boleh buat nevel kisah kucing la...reading about you and the cats I wonder why I am so scared of cats..kalau pi restaurant yg ada kucing tepi kaki alamat tk mkn are my daughters semua takut kucing.the third one nmpak kucing lari mcm nmpak hntu..I tried touching tapi geli smpai my hair stand..mcm2..

  2. IM,tak boleh nak bagi xplanation la pula sbb apa that phenomena happens..I mean phobia of cats.But am so thankful that me is not...bayangkan without them..I would be totally friendless,loveless..
    They are godsend to me.You know they somewhat fill the void in my heart..amboi emo pulak makcik.