Saturday, January 4, 2014

Its a beautiful feeling

Woke up to the calls of the muezzin from the mosques and suraus nearby.Its for Subuh ,the first prayer for the day.After doing what a Muslim should do and got to do,I got ready for the household chores.

Wash the dishes ,made the bed,straighthten  the furniture,fluff the cushions ,wipe the counter tops and other nick knacks  around the house.Cikli gone back to sleep after Subuh and I seldom.I would be at the singer sewing machine counter top that served as my laptop table.Checking stories and events from the forums and latest headlines.As well as getting news from fb.Got bits and pieces of news about the quartet thru their fb...but they seldom update.They have what they call wassup wetchat which I was not rope in.Leceh kata depa bagi mama tau semua...

My current interest at this present moment is from the ROAPERS.Republic of Anak Perlis..well for ERS am not too sure what they stand for.We get to air our views and grievances about matters happening around us.Hope it will stay its use for the good of the people and does not end up as a trashy dumping ground .Yes...some forums do end that way.

Been doing a lot of cleaning away at the home front...and in its midst I came across a few articles ,letters,pictures that been lying idle in its place.
Came across a a weather beaten letter....and it shows that when I started teaching I was paid RM 230.00 back in 1973.Well the symbol used is not RM ..but  dollar.How much is the starting pay for a non graduate they still churn out teachers with diplomas..during those years even diploma is unheard of..we just have our sijil after more than 2 years in college.
dah berapa dekad agaknya

Its a good feeling too when I noticed that in the blogger post stat ,there are a few who came over for my post on Clutter Free Classroom.,Rengkasan mengajar and a few on KSSR,PBS....jadilah ada yang masih baca post post itu sebagai panduan..and I feel like wring more on education.Share what I have gone through .how to wither the weather .There was that moment when I feel I was at the top of the world when students under my care came out with results to be proud public exams or contests.

selagi ada
And its a beautiful feeling when the orchids are still blooming ...

Oh well...the wm has stopped and the clothes need to be hang out to dry....bye.

ps....really need to do more many unread books around.OMG for example.

bahan nak baca

And its a beautiful feeling able to read...

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