Thursday, December 26, 2013

Thru the eyes of a retired headmistress

The other day I was invited to a farewell brunch of a dear friend...a head of school in the southern part of Perlis.
And to ferry me to the school was none other than cikten accompanied by dear olin..We arrived at SKKS at noon and I saw a group of men whom I had had dealt with in my time of office.I smiled and nodded to them...alahai they buat donno saja.And I had this inference to make....dah lama benar makcik tak keluar gua..tentu depa dah tak kenai makcik..Tentu dia orang ingat makcik ni orang kampung mana dok mai sengeh kat depa.Mana tau pegawai pegwai tu dah naik pangkat lagi tinggi dari dulu...Salah makcik juga sbb memang fail big time nak ingat nama orang.Agaknya that reception in the brain compartment has failed extensively and couldnt be salvaged.Total loss.

We proceeded to the canteen and had some refreshments.They were few faces that I  was familiar with.Others maybe the parents of the children.
Cikgu sekolah mana? Asked one lady
Dah pencen 5 tahun dah...SK Sena last school.The mention of SK Sena shed some some lights on her.
Sekolah Cluster tu...she said.

As my friend has to entertain her guests who were arriving,we had little to say.We fondly remembered those days of attending courses together and we were perpetual roommates...dah booking awal awal lagi.I love her company .

My retirement in April was a school day.And I fondly remember when the Pengarah Pelajaran directed the school to have it together with a formal agenda...the declaration of SK Sena as  Sekolah Kluster Kecemerlangan... the second school from the state and first among primary schools.

Got a call from the tell me about the outcome from the school meeting..Jenuh lah mak...ada orang kena sikit...and that made me remember when I lost my cool after counting my duties big and small listed in the handbook.

oooi aku kena dua puloh
hehe aku lima sja yippeee ,exclaimed the other..
hohoo...aku langsung tak ada...sambil lompat bintang ,said another.

Well in saja makcik pencen ingin pesan kat GB dan PK yang buat kerja dishing out the jobs...buatlah senarai semak...Kepala tak semak cikgu tak mengamuk...bye.


  1. Because I never was a teacher by profession I am always curious what an experienced HM like you thinks of the current school administration and standard of educatio generally. I notice you are not in the habit of responding to visitors' comments in which case could I trequest for an entry showing your views over this subject?

  2. Pakcik from Al Manar,
    Thanks for your comments...regarding the current sch.admin and standard of education,I am all for them if they bring positive changes but sadly..some changes are experimental and executed without proper planning and support.Take PBS for example..
    I did write a few posts about education and my experiences for 36 years..the lighter side of them.Nothing serious stuff.