Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sampai Sorga

Its never a dull moment watching puan nina sandaq nurturing the twins...the newly welcomed kitties to no.7.Her soft purring voices beckoning her children are music to the ears.
Purrrrrrrr,purrrrrgh.......prrrrrrr..she said calling for her kits.Melodious to the ears of mine.

calling to her brood on the other side of the door.
But there were those moments when my peace was arrested with high shrieks from the litter.
Hey....nina what's up..I yelled seeing her picking the babies with her teeth. Dragging them to a safe hideout in her mind.
Its safe enough there...I told her.

never mind the greasy floor...dah jadi store pun

Poor babes would be seen grasping for air every time nina picked them up.Sometimes lying motionless for a few moments before regaining consciousness.
Afraid that nina might harm her babies unintentionally like the previous case..well..she dragged her babies up the roof,down to the front yard and deposited them on the floor of the main door.....we let her keep the babes on the front yard.Which we never did for others...

litle vulnerable kitties

a safe sanctuary,aint it mummy nina?

And mamason got to do extra up.And the air freshener was on 24-7  lest the air would be not so welcomed..
Seeing her reminds me of Jade...that gentle soul.RIP Jade.Miss you so very strongly.And dear Dello too.. never replaceable.
Which let me to think of my own big little girls and boy up there in the capital.Yes,they always my little girls whatever their age may be..praying fervently that they are safe and sound.
Tapikan rungsing in me never subsides until they settle down..susah benar nak cari jodoh.Macam macam dugaan.Lepas satu satu.Lepas sorang,sorang.
Hey..whats there got to do with the title of the post...Sampai Sorga..Syurga la girl would correct me.
Entah...just came to my mind.

Yes,Sampai Sorga.

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