Monday, December 2, 2013

Kasih Ibu

A shrill in  the middle of the night took us by surprise.Long and deep shriek .Not once but twice.Or is it thrice?
It was the middle of the night and at the back of the house that kept us from venturing out to investigate what had happened.No light and no torchlight either.
My mind kept wondering....
It sounded like its ninasandaq babies
It sounded like ciktam's baby which might be kidnapped by nina sandaq...she was fond of it though.
There were multiple possibilities that might have happened.

Morning came....I heard the soft purring voice of ninasandaq at the front door.Where's babies? I asked her.Her two little kitties were nowhere to be seen on the front porch.You fool...where's your babies?

Hurried to the kitchen with ninasandaq at my heels.Opening the door,a pitiful sight apprehended me...The black and grey babies were snuggling at each other on the plastic tray of the refrigerator.Pathetic little kitties looking straight into my eyes.

La...awatlah hang bawak mai anak hang kat sini...
It must be a long and hazardous journey for the kids.And the screams last night was a testimony for that...nina nina...I know your concern.That yellow big bully of the male cat isnt it?Nanti mama tengalung dia biaq dia cunggit jauh jauh...I said.

The loud roar just nearby made me stop typing this post.As I opened  the brown wooden door,a yellow figured darted out of the house.That rascal.And poor little squirrel rushed into the house..with his tail between his legs..

La awat tak lawan... I said.

The tragedy that befallen the 3 girls in Alor Senibong Alor Setar was too much to digest..Predators..they are everywhere.Ya Allah..its too much.too much.

And my thoughts went to my own girls in the capital and the east.Take care girls.May Allah keep you safe .
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  1. Anak. Tak kira anak lelaki anak pompuan. Sentiasa menjadi kebimbangan di hati seorang emak.