Tuesday, December 3, 2013

abahly's love

If you met us on the highway ,yes,its us all right.We are on the move again! All out of abahly's love.

Its just only days since we returned home from that trip to the east coast.My feet were dragging behind me.Cikli was walking like a stuffed toy or robot.Complaining now and then .

But the thought of our girl driving the 500km journey without a partner made us forget our tiredness.Understanding too much the difficulty of the journey cikli insisted on going to the capital,stay a night or two there and then drive north.What with the rainy season,driving alone.....hmm cikli reasoned out.Ma just went with the logic
Lama mana kita larat abah oooi...
And the girl too was keen to be drive back...alone ,with or without  anybody.Hujan,,,dia tak pernah lagi..takut jadi apa apa...he argued.

Cikli thought of making the journey solo tapi cikson pula bimbang ttg dia.Sakit dia.Pelupa dia..

So set...the tickets were bought...mujuq murah aje ..60 ringgit for two.Warga emas punya concession.Previously thought of flying but there were never a sure moment.Sat macam ni sat macam tu last last tiket dah kebumbung...
Last checked ticket for one is 500...gila..

Itu lah cikli,suami makcik.Kalau bab anak merangkak pun dia sanggup.And that reminds me of him and the children.lebih lebih lagi episod cari anak dalam hujan walau punggung sakit naik bisul....menyenget jalan .

It also reminded me of my own experiences travelling alone on the train with my abah standing,waving as the train pulled out of the station. And sometimes waiting with a bicycle when I step down from the bus.Those old hard times...

Tersentuh hati ini bila terbaca keluhan hati seorang anak ttg ayahnya.. Menitis airmata tua ku..

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