Thursday, October 10, 2013

berebut kasih

Nak ketawa pun ada bila mengingatkan keletah si squirrel kini.

Having tt at no.7,my attention is directed to her needs and less attention was paid to my dear 4 legged son.I didnt realise that there's this little creature wanting my attention until these few nights.

Tt ,having her dinner and medications soon retired on the bed which I normally  share with squirrel.And tt being tt , wont have anything to do with hairy,bushy tailed creature sharing her bed.So squirrel was shooed away whenever he made that sleepy entrance .But one night,squirrel sneaked and hid himself among the pillows much to tt consternation...

Aduh berabut tempat tidoq la pula mereka berdua.

I was lying the sofa which I made as  my bed when I noticed squirrel slumped on the doorway.As soon as he noticed me,he made that limp noise as if imploring:
Mama nak tidooooq
I beckoned to him to share my sofa.
Just with a flick of a finger,squirrel happily jumped on the sofa and made himself comfortable next to me.After tossing again and again he found a nice spot to cradle.....on my outstretched arm snoozing happily away.

Eeee...mama nak tidoq dgn tok la....I said leaving him on the sofa.Bye bye...
No sooner,squirrel jumped out and made himself  comfortable on the bed...

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