Saturday, September 21, 2013

10 things you do not know about Msia

the world's largest kris maybe.
Happened to watch History Channel the other day.Its a rare occasion you know .The only tv in the house would be switched on to channel 400 ++ most of the nights.Kan I have storied before that the master of the house is into fictions,lawan lawan in opposite contrast to the maam.
So when I have the chance to hold the remote,reality shows is the norm.

haha....what lengthy explanation....and the main point is..

Didnt know that Msia is uno in certain quarters.

- the highest suspension bridge.( a plank size by that) is in Malaysia.Its not on the twin tower but high up in Gunung Kinabalu ,Sabah.Hey...mau terkenc kalau kena berayun atas tu...but if makcik is still young and fit...mau juga rasa adrenalin spill buat catwalk kat situ...Yang pasti...cikli tentu tak berani..he's height phobic.

-the longest bug is found here tooo....the stick insect could reach 56 cm in length .Yet still found in Sabah.

-M'sia has  146 dialects... the most in the world.The question which is commonly asked is Sudah makan ke belum...could be asked 146 ways....I bet even in this tiny state of Perlis,you could hear a variety of ways things being spoken..We have the Abi way,the Kuala way,the mata ayaq way....and not forgetting my way...hehe.

-yucks- the place with the most number of cockroaches too belongs to Malaysia...guess where.

the largest strawberry in the world...

there are 6 more points which I couldnt recall....old age dont hold.But I still remembered those Badlishah school days where I was on stage answering quiz questions during our General Knowledge Club meets.haha...most time I was champion.Cikli used to urge me to enter contest based on my gen.knowledge.....but those were the days.Gone forever.

And the guy who is the host is Ezra,Azre,Ezri.....hoho....never ever remembers names...thats my wicked .

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