Sunday, July 7, 2013

My newfound Love

After the disappearance of Dello, particular cat came into my life until one whiny cat started following my heels.
Being bushy tailed,I dislike the feel of the tail on my skin
Susssssh...pi jauh..I always pushed him aside .Being persistent ,he came over and over until he could eat out from my hands.

And he is SQUIRREL..
Squirrel was his given name.All because of his bushy tail.

nak tangkap gambar kita?

ehhh tak mau la

kita tak suka..

Now he has a schedule that mamason got to follow.

By ten,he would be at the door,wanting a share on the bed.
Nak boom ke....I asked.Without further ado,he would jump on the bed wanting to share a corner of it.That is just for a while..then he retreats to the corner of the room for his own comfort.
malu wei

kita tutup muka

tak nampak kita kan

He understands Boom...meaning sleep.
He understands Dapuq ...meaning going to the kitchen for his food.

And one thing about him is he seemed to understand my emotion.
One day,I was feeling sorrowful for the turn of events in the family.
Squirrel patted my cheek as if to comfort me maybe saying...
Mama dont be sad...everything will be ok...

Kakaten the other day remarked:
Mama......dia kucing ke manusia?

Yes,squirrel is my newfound love..he is the master of the house.
See...his whiny voice is calling me.
It sounds like.....mama I  want to go out....
Please open the door...will you?

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