Tuesday, July 30, 2013

iftar in SP

Last Saturday .cikli and me made a bee line for SP.To have our iftar and sahur with mum and sis's family...cikHan and Cik Lan in Puteri Jaya.

Stopping at the Ramadan Bazaar,we got hold of asam pedas Johor,murtabak,pulut serimuka etc ....filling all the fingers with  plastic bags before moving on.

TADAA... when all the food were laid on the table...there were  assortments of foodstuff overflowing the dinner table.Enough to feed the whole village it seemed.

mamayatie's asam pedas

Asam pedas pun berjenis jenis sebab tuan rumah pun masak asam pedas juga!Alaahai ...my trusted Nikon was left at cikli's office .

Mee kuah too was served after dinner.Jauh datangnya sbb ramuan dari Batu Pahat katanya...hehe.

Meeting  the most treasured person in this whole wide world ..my mum has been in the agenda before ramadan still.But for two weeks we were busy and couldnt make the journey there.And the phone rang....
Kak baliklah...mak dok sebut sebut.

Mum seemed not herself.She was silent most of the time.She talked more about going THERE.And she was worried about leaving behind her children who do not do well in life.
Kesian kat depa....siapa nak tolong depa bila mak tak ada.
Bagilah lebih kat depa apa apa yang aku tinggal.....she said.Referring to my brother.

Dont worry mum.... we never know our fate...Who knows maybe its me.Anyway,we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.We comforted her.

the diners at SP....what a crowd.
Coming back to Kangar....my thoughts and mind was left in SP.With tokton.Sigh.


  1. Begitu la kan? Mak saya pun, kadang2 cakap dia selalu buat kami sayu hati. Selalu cakap pasal mati.. Adehhh!

    Asam Pedas? Aduhai lama saya tak buat Asam Pedas.

  2. Aduhai..
    Seronoknya berkumpul
    Dgn kaum keluarga yg ramai
    Makan pun terasa berselera apatahlagi
    Dengan ibu tercinta..
    Arwah mak saya bila anak2 cucu
    Semua berkumpul... Naik seleranya makannya melebihi hari biasa....
    Power of Love n together...