Sunday, June 30, 2013

Redah lagi...dari Kangar ke Mak Klom

Mak Klom is a place near Sq Dua in Butterworth.Somewhere around a hundred over km from no.7.
Dear me.....forgive me if I got the name wrong.....but the sound is correct...I guarantee .

It all started the night before when tokmatoksaad came a calling.They are cikli's parents by the way.Amidst cups of milo and crispies ,plans were made to a wedding invitation in Titi Timbul,Permatang Pasir the next morning...

By afternoon,we were quests to Auntie Ana's son's second wedding to a Sarawakian bride.Having lunch of gulai kepala ikan and other accompaniments  were a luxury to the screeching stomachs...lapar sangat le tuuu.
Beside the sweet ais sagat ,I was mesmerised by the sweet camaraderie presence of cikli's colourful relatives.

The x wife came to the wedding of the former husband.
The x husband came with the wife and daughter to the former wife son's wedding.

See war..All are happy faces.Selalu ku tengok kalau keadaan begini,perang besar you see....

After the wedding ,to uncle's house at that place near the Outer Ring Road of Butterworth...tak ingatle pula nama tempat tapi its Mak Klom.
Sad to see cikli's chirpy Bollywood auntie  succumbing to removed from her usual self.Bila nak sakit...tak tahu kita siapa dan bila serta apa .Tawakkal sajalah.

Spent the evening having odd rounds of discussion about politics , economy and other things of interests with cikli's uncles.The prime interest is Altantuya by the way....hehe.

Its nearly six when we bade them gudbye....heading for our land far far north.....Peghelih....

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