Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ong gedek gedek

Being an English teacher,there were times when the syllabus required us to be a story teller.And there was this story that etched itself firmly in my memory.

It started with......Ong gedek Gedek
Ong gedek gedek

Once upon a time,in a village lived a family .
The step mother had a daughter who had an eye and another who had three eyes.And the step daughter had a beautiful pair of eyes.....

The story goes on and on and at last the step mother and her two daughters were turned into frogs that went.

Ong Ong Ong .....Ong gedek gedek.....

Hehe....apa la mamason dok merepek.

Yesterday, I was at KMC accompanying my FIL with cikli. Arriving at 12.00 we hurriedly went to see one of the docs ....and all in all by 1.00 we were through .

FIL had a jab in one of his knee at the treatment room and believe me the whole procedure lasted a mere 5 minutes....kalau pi toilet pun tak dan nak bertinggung,doc dah habis tengok patient.

And at the pharmacy, mulalah segala katak ong berbunyi....

Ong Ong Ong gedek gedek.

Terbeliak biji mata bila bil yang di tunjuk adalah kurang dua tiga ringgit  jadi 600 ringgit Malaysia bukan rupiah.

And the breakdown was like .....doc's fee RM 150  and ubat 450...

Ong gedek gedek.


  1. Sama jg bila my 93 yrs old MIL jatuh n cracked her pelvic bone. Jumpa doc, xray, ubat tahan sakit n calcium pills RM500. Followups as costly ... Us at KBMC! Huhu ... Ong gedek gedek!!!

    1. Muhaini,
      500 RM. Cepatlah kaya depa.Kita juga yang dok tak ong.

  2. tudia mahainya...u thnk the medicines cost that much? or suka hati letak hrga becos they assumed people who go there for treatment memang ada duit..

    1. IM,
      tulah sebabnya...depa pukul rata semua orang yang pi kat depa ada lombong mas.