Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kau Nakal ku

Every morning,after subuh,mamason never sleeps back.
Her routine would be:
A mild cup of nescafe with a piece of sugar coated biscuit w hich will last her until 9.00
Then she began her journey all over the universe without even leaving the comfort of her living room while her washing machine is on.
She has a few favourite spots .... the likes of mamasita where she shares her doa pagi hari.Mamasita's blog has an assorted videos of doas and quran recitations .
She would too without fail gather the latest news and issues on Cari Gold and Issue Semasa.Forum lowyatt too would be her usual haunt for gossips tho its mostly for the yunkies....tapi kdg2 beritanya lebih straight forward,latest dari viewpoint of the youngsters.

This morning,she clicked on a video on someone's blog....
eeeeee apa lagu nong neng nong neng
Nong neng nong neng.....nong neng nong neng  came the song.Istantly she liked what she heard.

Soon she was humming....nong neng nong neng....nong neng nong neng
And when Mr Squirrel came running to her,she scooped him in her arms and started singing ...nong neng nong neng.Kau nakal ku....
Squirrel was taken aback by the sounds he heard.As soon as mamason loses her grips on him,he darted across the room and ducked himself under the sofa.

Hari tu Si ninasandaq menonong lari bila dengar kakten batuk ......Uhuk uhuk uhuk...Lepas tu ada pula dia renung kakaten dengan jelingan maut.Betul...

Gelihati sorang sorang.

Uhuk uhuk uhuk
Nong neng nong neng....Squirrelllll....Ninaaaa.

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