Friday, June 28, 2013

Jerebu di hati lagi.....

Its of an understatement if I didnt feel worried when sis called.
Mum said across the line.
And cikli couldnt keep his thought out of the matter even when he is on the field carrying a grass cutter on his shoulders.
Kita balik.....he said the moment he reached home.

By 3 we headed home towards SP where the matriarch of the family is being taken care of.By 6 we were there not without hiccups all the way...hehe.The bumper of the car had an idea to dance in the wind until some kind driver warned us of the matter.Cikli stopped at the side of the road to fix the problem not once but twice.

Mum was surprised to see us.
Mak sihat dah...tak senak lagi.She said .And she seemed uncomfortable when I noticed the bags of diapers she kept under the kain batik.
I know she was worried to become imbecile and to cause discomfort to people around her.
Mak dont worry...sampai masa kita semua jadi anak anak balik.Mak seorang yang baik,semua orang sayang mak.Anak mak,cucu mak,menantu mak semua sayang mak...Tak ada  masaalah nak jaga mak.I comforted her .
My tokton is an ultimate worrier.She worried about everybody that she loves.Her cucu makan ke di kolej.Orang marah ke dekat dia.Her daughter penat ke pergi kerja....And cikli played the role of a motivator to allay her fears.

And when she stared intently trying to make out who that lady in the sofa was ,we had a hearty laugh.
La mak ingat orang mai jual kain....and that orang jual kain was ME!

The intention of going back after maghrib was postponed to after isya when sis and hubby persuaded us to stay for dinner.
And it was a happy moment when tokton finished up her plate of rice when the day before she couldnt finish a mouthful.
It was past ten when we bade farewell to the people of SP .We waved until they were out of sight.Lega dapat melawat walau sekejap.

Alhamdullilah....our journey back was smooth.The body kit that came out ungraciously on our journey there,stayed put and stayed firmly where it was....


  1. Assalamualaikum Cikgu...

    Lega melihat wajah bahagia seorang ibu...

    1. Mualaikumsalam Kakcik,
      Betul sekali.Hadiah yang tak ternilai....