Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today is the day

Today is the day.It marks the date of importance....hehe important ke..
Important to me though it holds no significance to others.
It is the day that calculates how many earth years I have been on this earth.
It is the day that allows me to enter school.To finish school .You cant enter school if you are not seven years old,cant you.And you are not allowed to remain in school if you are past  the required age.Ada ke orang dok sekolah menengah kalau dah boleh jadi mak budak...kan
It is the date too when you are bestowed many titles with each passing years...
You are a baby,a toddler,a teenager or an old bent tokwan and nenek yang dah nyanyuk.

Today too is the date when you have to vacate your office as you are deemed tua to hold on to your post.So a ceremony to bade farewell to you would be held....and in certain circumstances ada orang buat kenduri pulut kuning atau lebih teruk gantung pisang kat pagar ....true story.

Today....waking up I am that sweet 16.....hehe...
Pandai pandai lah buat matematik kalau curious how old this makcik is.

For me....I am grateful for what I have been through...however shits they may be.cos I managed to get through.
And on this auspicious prayers is for the well being of my loved ones...
May they be blessed with all the love,the health ,the wealth dunia dan akhirat
And when I am gone,I know you all are doing well.

Love you all
And thanks a lot for the wishes.Rasa masih diingati ..

Mamason @ Mokjadeandell


  1. may you be blessed too with lots of happiness till the very last day of yr life, be among yr loved ones and most of all hope all yr wishes will be granted.

    1. Thanks IM,
      Its a great blessing if all these are true and will be granted...alhamdullilah.