Friday, April 5, 2013


Being a an ex head to that matter,I found it hard sometimes to relate accounts of my thoughts,rumblings and grumblings openly for all  sundry to see.
There were thoughts on the political facade that I was sometimes astray from the popular beliefs.I believe in what I want to believe.
There were people that I like to say my piece of mind...which I had been holding far too long.
There were incidents that I feel like to bombard redress...

Oh ni....oh no..
.Its very hard to express my self.Less I go incognito.
Pengecut....kata depa
Kata sajalah apa nak takut....
Kalau I ,habislah lumat I kerjakan.La la tu juga I basuhkan.Masa tu juga I bagikan....kata mereka

Sometimes kagum aku dengan sikap terang benderang mereka yang memukul gendang perang.....

But I was brought up to hush hush when I talk.
Unless....I  was out of my mind.

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