Wednesday, March 13, 2013

your class tells all

Your class tells all.
Betul.Tak bohong aiiih.

I am one for a clean organised attentive classroom.
Yes,it must be clean before I would start my lesson.
It must be clean during my lesson and before I leave the room.So its a common sight for me and my children to organise the classrooms before maam starts her lesson.I hate rubbish and disorderly classrooms.And also to leave a dump site classroom to the next teacher is very much an ill consideration.

Children should be orderly.That means all students have to pay attention...I could come up with many rules and regulations as  well as punishments for those who dare.Usually its no trace,no outside the classroom punishment.But the children know they are being punished for their mischieves..Heran saya bagaimana cikgu boleh mengajar kalau anak murid dok main kejar kejar.

And putting up all the year round teaching aids all at once is not my way either.I think its better if its the work of the students that should be put on board than commercially produced or teacher made materials.You can see their pride when their work is given its due recognition.See how they hover over the dispaly.

I am for bulletin boards where most work are by children.Teachers could have neverending ideas from this website:
 elementary school bulletin boards

Go check out...
Nampak susah ...tapi sebenarnya mudah.Petik jari siaplah dia.hehe
Mamason buat beberapa theme mcm:
My village
Life Under the Sea
In the Jungle.
The Universe. and a few others.Semuanya murid lukis.Cikgu just ktik ktik ktik saja.


  1. Kalau kreatif, cantik jadinya. :)

    1. Kakcik,
      Cikgu kena Kreatif.kena fikir bagaimana nak tarik minat murid.Dan saya amat sedih kalau cikgu tak ada semangat...layu sebelum berkembang terutama cikgu muda muda.