Friday, March 29, 2013

remembering them.....the children.

There were thousands of children I came across throughout my teaching years,
From the very humble beginning in the outback of super fast paced Selangor....where I had served as a freshly out of the oven guru latihan maktab.
The children were from the Felda scheme and  also from the nearby villages.
Being a very young teacher....I was 19  going 20 ..I was  stern but friendly.Anxiously trying all that I have learnt in my so called maktab..

I taught English and a number of other lessons and for sure never agama to pupils of year 3,4 and 5.Remebered some of their names...Samani,Mahmudah Mingan,Aishah,Noraini Abu.

After 2 1/2 years I  left them amidst tears to Kangar English School in Perlis.
Whenever I passed by Tanjung Malim,there was this inner voice urging me to take a detour and wander up the Ulu Bernam road that I have taken 40 years before.

Was wondering what happened to my pioneer students...some may have cucus of their own.Yes,I went to the wedding of my sudent's children.Felt sooo old.
I was a temporary teacher teaching Home Science in a secondary school 40 km away from home.And one day I received a letter 20 years later from one of the students..

In my fast dwindling mind ...I could recollect but a few of the pupils in Sri Indera,Stella,Utan Aji,Kayang,TTB, I have yet to acquire the needs of taking pictures.
And when I was in SKRPB I took hundreds of them..
.And they tell hundreds of  stories.

Hmmm.....It would be practical if teachers could have a log of sort to keep records of children under them and come 30 years later ...we could reminisce who ever been with us.I did a scrap book once where children wrote their biodata and I compiled them into year book.Alas...the flood came visiting and all my treasures and memories were washed away......Poor me!

The name of my first school is the name of this limau.Can you make a guess ?


  1. Sekolah Sri Limau, Ayer Limau, Sg Limau ada dengar...tapi sekolah limau bali tak pernah dengar lagi... hehehe

    1. Noe,
      Sebenarnya makcik kena letak gambar limau yang lain...nanti akan cari yang lebih tepat.

  2. Cikgu
    Kedua2 org mertua
    Saya adalah cikgu. Mak mertua
    Saya adalah cikgu kelas saya..
    Andai beliau masih ada tentunya dia akan merindu Zaman dia mengajar dahulu..
    Bukan semua orang mampu jd seorg guru.. Even nak
    Mengajar anak sendiri pun saya cengil....
    Besar pengorbanan guru buat semua murid2 nya..

    1. Akak,
      Saya pun tak boleh ajar anak sendiri mulanya.cenge tak berlagu.