Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mukabuku ke mukatembok.

It  was a daily routine to browse the mukabuku every morning.Huh...dah tak ada kerja eh bukan tak ada tapi they can wait one...
For a person born before independent day...the toys of the modern world are something they have to learn to use.And learning is not easy.Not like eating kacang putih affair doh...krapp krupp..

Thank God my understanding of a second Language ,ie English, opens a lot of door.Imagine my quandary if I couldnt understand instructions to install,update,delete ,
So when I came across applications .I would be wary to click ,to like, to share..

Oh well..I came across one hard experience one day when I gave a piece of advice on someone's mukabuku.All hell let do I know the fury that would be unleashed.Jadi mukatembok sat makcik masa tu...lesson learnt.

At present my favourites on mukabuku are
                                                                SIXTY AND ME

                                                                OPRAH magazine
                                                                  plus a few others

I dont do games but got many invites which I have yet to accept.Takut asyik dengan games lupa pula tugas tugas hakiki seorang isteri sepenuh masa....

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