Monday, March 11, 2013

Looking back

Good afternoon,

Browsing the Photo Gallery,I came across pictures which brought me back to my teaching days.Me as a teacher ,a teacher and  nothing else but a teacher.Confusing?
FYI ....A teacher plays many roles if you have not known.A policeman,a magistrate,a nurse,a cleaner,a jaga and even a witch!
Long ago,even during my formative years,I believe that teachers should go into class with ammunition like a soldier with his artillery...And to be exact ,teachers should be go into the class with  ....teaching aids!Not lenggang kangkung.Ala makyong.
Matilah bosan kalau asyik asyik kapur dan papan hitam sepanjang hayat. Asyik air liur saja sepanjang masa.Asyik buka muka surat ...bla bla bla.
I still remembered those early 70's when I started very basic.Mana ada semua gadget gadget ni.So teachers would draw on manila cards...and if you are bestowed with artistic fingers..hmm good for you.
So entering the class would be armed with self drawn pictures and illustrations.
Only when in the 80's.with the advent of computers ,our pictures or illustrations be a bit advanced.Still recall that first ever computer in SK Stella.
Wee... today,there's an explosion of gadgets to be employed when teaching...But are teachers using them ?Are they at the petik of a suis in every classrooom.
I wonder.
Kalau sekolah masih boleh gunakan alatan PPSMI yang berbilion harga dulu... Syabas I say you.

Some of my teaching aids
cutout from newspaper
displayed after a lesson
books and pamphlets ...some from hotel stays
this once thorny plants
the school ground...teaching aids plentiful
ready for a lesson outside and fresh oxygen

So teachers if you find yourself at a loss on how to conduct your lesson....look around!


  1. bagusnya cikgu...sure cikgu rindukan suasana tu kan..

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Noe,
    bila tengok alat alat mengajar rindu nak ajar balik..,,rasa mcm nak buka kelas tuition.

    1. bagus jugak tu least cikgu pun tak boring sangat...bapa sedara noe dah lama pencen tapi masih mengajar lagi di kelas kuisyen..

  4. Assalam Mamason
    I baru jer delete satu komen kat atas tu. I thot bila orang komen you kena approve dulu, hehe.. rupanya tak.

    Pls intai this blog
    Maybe you kenal?

    1. CS,
      Kenal...satu negeri tapi tak pernah satu sekolah.Dia ambil tempat yang mamason kosongkan di SKRPB...kira budak budak tu dapat cikgu pencen jugalah.tapi yang ni masih steady compared to me.

  5. hi mokjadeandell, mana ada steady dah kalau pencen.its only yr spirit that keeps u going..strength? now you have it, now you dont..he he.

    1. Its the spirit that counts...Strength..mkn vitamin banyak banyak.
      Love to see the happy faces of SKRPB..happy teaching.