Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Idealess in Kangar

Being holed up in the house for these few weeks made me unaware of whats happening around me live safe for the news on tv,radio,paper and internet.I kew what happened across the universe but not within my neighbourhood or Perlis.
And was not I pleasantly surprised when told that TUTTIFRUTTI was just across the road from my taman.And there's that new pizza haunt ...or is it jaunt on another road.

Wah..Peghelih dah maju! Macam macam ada. said one.
Tak lama harga barang,harga rumah pun boleh dah jadi macam KL.Even now ,houses are unaffordable for the simple folks of Perlis.

And the development in Kampung Bakau was progressing by leaps and bounds.The once banjir ridden place saw much developments and the school which I was in during the last day in office is not without progress either.Sikit punya besar jejambat dok merentang jalan kat situ.

Actually even with transport available,I prefer much to be a hermit safe in the sanctuary of my home however boring it might be.
My sensitive nature made me cringe in the presence of 'loud speakers' less I said something wrong.Avoided too are rumour mongers ,lest my story be blown out of propotion.

The houses in my taman too are closed as most neighbours were on holiday somewhere save for my house...As cikli is not in education and having to tend to his business ....hmm thoughts of going alone did cross my mind...tapikan isteri mestilah tak boleh buat macam tu selalu.Terbeliak biji mata orang nanti.Mulalah cerita.... isteri dia dah lari....haha.Mulalah cerita depa ni mesti ada apa apa. haha.

So that leave me idealess in Kangar...Keluar pekan macam jack coon....dare not write the actual word..sensitive tau.

Layan sajalah gambar gambar dalam simpanan.
Tapi musim cuti ni...Kangar tak lengang....dekat Kuala Perlis.haghu bighu dgn kenderaan berderet deret.Pi tengok LIMA la tu..


  1. Cikgu tak pi LIMA?
    Dah dekat sgt tu...
    Boleh pi pagi balik ptg....

  2. Akak,
    Mamason mmg tak suka tempat ramai orang...sbb utama tak terasa nak pergi LIMA takut LIMAS...lemas la tu.Dengar semua hotel dah fully booked..