Sunday, March 17, 2013

Heave Ho

What better way to spend the weekend .

I heave  my heavy bag of fats to the kitchen after subuh...Hmm what's for breakfast today? I asked.

Oooi nasi goreng.So the leftover rice was transformed into nasi goreng ikan bilis lada hitam..Hmm palatable.Bolehlah tahan.

nasi goreng mamason style

Afternoon came...whats next?The children asked.
I sent Cikli  to the Sunday market and soon he was back with ikan gelama and ikan kembung.Bayam and taugeh etc.

Ooi gulai ikan rempah cap O,ikan goreng,ikan roasted,air asam,sayur bayam campaur that yesterday ayam soon made their way onto the dining table.Hmmm boleh tahan.Said them.

Now...whats next?
Mama masaklah cucur  pula.Said one.

Hmm will see.Its still early.Got to heave my bags of fat on the bed for a while.Mengantuk yang amat dah ni.

Heave the land of slumber I go.
tidurku usah diganggu

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