Monday, March 4, 2013

Definitely aggrieved.... Lahad Datu

I was aggrieved at the current situation in Lahad Datu.Too many of our men had fallen.Too many of our wives widowed and children orphaned.
Cant visualise it if it were to happen in the family itself...the sadness,the loss.Yesterday you were here and today you came back in a box wrapped with the red bue striped flags.No amount of money,title,recognition could bring a father back to his his wife nor to his parents.
And I grieved further more at the spin being it from the ruling govt or the opposition.All those could wait.Settle those urgent matter ASAP!Save our land from those vagrants.

My late father was in service during those communist insurgency days .I was very young and could not remember much save for that time we stayed in one of the estate barrack.Where we roam the field,mingling with the estate workers even to the extent of watching their religious ceremony.There were time when the atmosphere was sombre and there were hush hush talk about the sighting of men in uniforms nearby.

But as I deduced from tokton,father had his thigh graced by a bullet shot in one of his operation.He left the service when the company was dissolved with the rank of a sergeant.
If he was alive today,he could be talking about his experiences to his grandchildren nonstop amid the news of Lahad Datu.



  1. Al-fatihah to your late father and to our fallen heroes.

    1. DrSam,
      Thanks...thats what we can do..sedekah alfatihah.Tapi kalau ada yang lebih bolehlah bersedekah kat dana yang disediakan.

  2. Cikgu...
    Al Fatihah buat ayah cikgu dan semua wira negara yang telah terkorban demi mempertahankan negara tercinta...

    1. Akak,
      Doa kita mengiringi pemergian mereka.