Sunday, February 3, 2013

What's Up,Perlis

Its been dry yet windy.Rain has not fallen for quite some time these days.I was walled up in no.7 after my trip to Pahang.Hardly venturing out except for important matters ....that needs my attendance in person.Perpetual hermit,aint I
 So when missy no4. came for a short hi mum trip back home,we set our foot to the widely known place...The BIG FIELD....Padang Besar la tu.

These are a few that caught my lazy eyes.

The green and fertile paddy fields were no longer there to greet the eyes.Parched and yellow were the colour of the moment

Tents ready for the next day big event of tomorrow BEAUTIFUL M'SIA what not.There was a traditional group bleating pop yeh yeh songs to the beat of the drums,serunai etc...excuse for not into all these and giving no attention for details.This morning,tentulah makcik pakcik,anak anak,adik adik penuh kat dataran ini bergotong royong 1M kan...tak kuasa mak

After sesi meletihkan kaki yang telah lama berkhidmat.....dah 6 dekad.Kau mampoooo?We headed  home.
En route we stopped at that nampak cantik building by the trunk road.Waduh! terduduk makcik bila mengenangkannya.Hancur luluh rasa hati.Berkeping keping jadinya.

Ehh....time for the kitchen....nanti makcik update.Bye.


  1. pop yeh yeh ok lagi kot bila compare to gangnam... hadoi, pedih rasa telinga