Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Time Flies.

You see what I see?

Not only time flies but the post that I am about to write too follow suit.No sooner had I left my fingers on the keyboard ,it flies and made its way to my blog.....

Here .....come back .

I came to realise how fast changes had been and how deep they affected our lives.Been struggling hard to meet end meets .Been thru a lot of nonsense and regrets.Some self inflicted but most indirectly affected..

I was brought up that sore  and swore words were a taboo .My tokton would cilipadikan our mouth if we said them within her hearing.Berapi pedas.Mau terjun telaga kalau tak tau.
Thus I was rudely awakened and jolted out of my senses when words like p.....i,p....t,p....t were widely used .I was red faced one day when I heard them in the school compound.On me,oh my..Adoi...I was there,I was out.When I came in again...I could only hold my breath.

Sorry peeps....tho time has changed,I wish teachers should keep to what we had preached so long.
Maybe ...I'm outdated.


  1. Replies
    1. Salam kenal.Selamat datang.You have a nice blog.Dah pi lawat tadi.

  2. Assalam Mamason
    Samalah kita. Masa kecik2 dulu perkataan taboo mmg dilarang ketat tapi kita adik beradik yg masih lum berakal bila bergaduh, suka aje nak sebut 'baxx'.

    Perkataan tak elok you dengar kat kawasan sekolah hence I take it that guru2 yg menyebutnya??

  3. CS.
    itu la yang tak seronoknya.Mungkin new syllabus agaknya.

  4. Salam mokjadeandell dan salam ziarah,

    My sons who were the city slackers got their first and the real orang kampung experience in Terengganu. It has been 3 months now. Locals with their slang sometimes sound quit vulgar/rude. But they are nice people...just like me :)

    Have a great life ahead and color your day with spectrum of rainbows.

  5. Salam dr.
    It takes time to assimilate and understand the Trengganu slang as I had discovered.Got a few relatives married to Trengganuans and they are nice folks.
    thanks and hope your life too is blessed .Be happy always.