Friday, February 15, 2013

the matriachs

If last week we had a family get together at cik bib's house for tokton ,we had a similar one for cikli's mom too a few weeks before.
If tokton ,frail and fragile wishes to see her youngest daughter's house far in KL,MIL wishes for the beach and the sea.So,we set for Langkawi with half of cikli's clan sometime in December.
Oh..I remembered...its a week before Christmas.
Alas,last minute booking saw us without a room overlooking the beach.But Pantai Chenang was only a walk away.
MIL was wheelchaired to places of her wish by her sons ... a delightful sight to see.
My mum was lucky to have understanding sons in law .So too is my MIL who have her two sons who cared much for her.Wish I too be that blessed with the ones who care.In my old old age i mean.I am old already as of now....hehe

cenang beach
ever friendly FIL
the happy holidaymaker

traditional malay house

diorama in makam mahsuri

Tokton and tokma are two matriarchs of the family who played a vital role in their families respectively.May Allah bless them with everlasting health and wisdom as a buoy and beacon to guide the families.Amin.

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