Friday, February 1, 2013

Stalker around..BEWARE

Every morning,without fail, he came barging into my room.SALAM pun tidak.Or maybe he might in his own way.And I have yet to understand
Wagging his thick flurry tail,he implored me to pull the curtain to the window.And as soon the curtains were separated,he jumped onto the book case.Eyes intent....

His glazed eyes were fixed on the creatures having a merry of a time.Chatting loudly to each other.Yes,mak minah and her spouse were bathing together in public.

Hoi.....balik mandi rumah la.Ni apa dok bising bising pagi pagi ni

And when the two chirpy couple left,he went to the living room and peered through the sliding door.And here there was yet another couple courting on the balcony.

Hey...panggil JAIP baru tau..

HUMPHREY......I called out.
Dont be a STALKER will you?.

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