Tuesday, February 26, 2013

remembering them...the room.

My English Room

It was a hot and stuffy room one could be
But never a moment we could see
A boring place in SKRPB

The teacher is a lady
Who is in her sixty
Stern ,she was and no hanky panky.

The children were Year 1,2 and 3
Excited they were as the bees
Came running  to learn abc

Lots of fun in the room
As children learn vehicles go vrooooom
And pirates were doomed.

A is not aye
But eh
c is not see 
But kah

So you could hear 
the children spell
kah eh teh is cat

Yes that's the best part of my teaching spree
In which I could sing,dance for free
And KSSR is what it should be.

Learning English is nothing but fun
Thats what I can tell my friend.

mentor mentee
childrens' masterpieces.
one to one at the teacher's table
feel free to lie on the floor 

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