Sunday, February 10, 2013

Perjalanan ini ...the crib

It was the first time I set foot at the crib of my youngest sis in Bandar Mahkota.Sis and dear bil are senior lecturers in one of the u in the vicinity.Their sprawling bungalow was able to accommodate the troop from SP and Perlis. Its not only the house that I was in awe but their hospitality too.Even tho they were highly educated and hold position in their professions but their caring,hospitality and humble attitude won our admiration.
The two days we were there,Home cooked meals were served by the host.Gulai daging,sambal tumis udang  all cooked by the couple.Hmm finger licking scrumptious delicious.

As Nilai is just a ten minute drive away,we have a jolly good time scouting for bargains.I ended up buying a kurung material which I decided to give away to tokton.A set of fitted Kampungku bedspread with ruffles for 49 RM.Considered a good buy as in town it goes for 99 RM.
Got to buy 2 Lady's blouses and trousers for a sum of 130.00.Wey...Mana nak dapat because in Kuantan I saw the same blouses being sold for 80 a piece.

But what is more precious when the children had the chance to talk with tokton long into the night.She might be nearing 90 but her memory is still strong.Ask her for doas and petuas,which she memorised a plenty.She's EverReady to teach.

I am not ashamed to say that we had a good time there at Dr.Bib and Dr.Hamzah's home with tokton and darling Han and her hubby pak teh.Thanks for everything.

Alas ...the call cikli  received from his supervisor marred the happiness in a way or two.So the next time we want to enjoy a family get together,we might put a notice:


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