Monday, February 11, 2013

Perjalanan ini .....3

CNY is already into its 2nd day.Woke up early for subuh after a night filled with the din from firecrackers and fireworks.

By 10 we will be on our way home aboard the Maraliner bus headed for Kangar.At first our intention is to go home by train.But alas the news of the derailment the other day put our plan on still.To take Firefly is also out of reach as it is a staggering 300 ringgit for a single pax.So another 7 hour journey for the rattlebones.Or maybe more as we could be caught in the exodus on the Plus Highway.

Kuala Lumpur as I noticed is missing its lights from the skyscrapers as many are still in their balik kampung mood.Searching for food too is difficult as most shops are closed.Its hari raya cina but kedai melayu pun banyak tutup.And on the fields ,groups of africans could be found playing football.Haha ,tv should also highlight this beside showing news from KL city center.Where do our youngs go for their exercise if recreational areas too are filled with them.Oh my Malaysia .


  1. Assalam Mamason
    Jalan jauh nampaknya... Dah cuba naik LRT?

    Since smlm I tak keluar rumah. Mesti best sbb jlnraya lengang.

    Selamat dlm perjalanan :-)

    1. CS,Salam.
      Berdesup kami berkereta semalam.Malangnya LRT hanya dilihat belum dinaik.
      happy hol.