Sunday, February 3, 2013

Patah Hati

Continuing from the last post......

En route home we stopped at that imposing building by the trunk road.
Cantik nampak bangunan tu ...I thought as  cikli steered into its compound.
The beauty of the man made dam was a sight for the eye.It could be Danau Toba of Perlis....That was what I assumed  for a while.

We sat down at the table of one of the stalls.Had toast and drinks.The white frothy one is cikli's while I had that simple kopi O ais to quench my thirst on that dry evening.
Oh ye....we quenched our thirst alright....but the things that I saw was a major disappointment.Kamonla.Satu satunya landmark yang boleh dijadikan tarikan pelancong was in a state of ruin.I heard right from the start this project was doomed .And its doomsday is as clear as  ABC.

Most of the stalls were closed for good.And what better place for shooting hantu mak limah the movie or nengnak over here.
But these are not all.The ceiling of the building reminded me of a matriculation college in Melaka .Or a stall in
Hatnyai .What happen ma....tak cukup budget ke?

I was bitterly disappointed to see many visitors walking back to their cars before even ordering any food.Only a handful of people stopped to have food from the few stalls remaining opened for business.The others dah lama gulung tikar.
DATARAN TERINAI...... you have let many a Perlis at heart down.The sign should be turn into:

                                                 TAK SELAMAT JANGAN DATANG
                                                            DATARAN TERINAI

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