Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On the path to FREEDOM

Have you ever felt suffocated even when alone.I do sometimes.No.no.Not sometimes but every time. 
I feel stifled when things or stuff were un organised.When clothes start piling up on the sofa.When assorted pieces of scraps were chucked unceremoniously in the drawers.

I was searching hi and low for that piece of document much needed.And ASAP.In my effort to find that elusive paper ,I literally turned my house inside out,upside down.As time is pressing,I have  to get a placement.So very inconvinient.

Had in mind to reorganise the filing system of my files,document boxes ,books and magazines.Well some stuff had find their way to the black plastic bag waiting for that truck which cries.....Sulatkaba Lama,sulatkaba lama,sin ming sin yau.....hehe.
And in the process,I came across khazanah serbamaneka dari zaman dinasor lagi.There were letters three decades old,pay slips from my early years and a cute little diary which the author politely implore finders not to open....so cute.Read them anyway....and one thing I was a creature from some world.Breathing fire worse than a dragon.Mum was a dragon alright when young but she morphed into an angel when old....doesnt she?

Found too were things that should be shredded,burned and ashes  thrown into the Kuala Perlis water.They dont belong in this household anymore as they only bring agony and frustration.And not forgetting anger.

On the path to FREEDOM  many things should be obliterated.Agree?

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  1. Yeeha! You're back! Lama hilang no? Anyway, we hope everyone's OK now. purrr...meow!