Friday, February 22, 2013

Of blog,facebook ,cell phone and me...the toks

Being a 60 going ++ makcik,I've lived a life so full of changes in term of technology.Never would i in a million years thought that today in my golden years i would be having this life.

In the village of JPL...somewhere in Kedah ,makciks of 60 would be having cucus and cicits even piuts around them.Gone to Mecca 345 times sponsored or by selling their properties.Their evening filled with chit chatting and going to their anak cucus houses.

I have a tok in her 60's who used to visit us.Though not blood related,she's a welcome sight.A  convert,she would converse in Hokkien with my chinese tauke neighbours.All uncles of chinese descents were taukes even if he's only a soya bean seller.

Another 60+ neighbour whom i addressed as tok is a hajjah who we look for for advice and would go all the way to help us even to the extent of raising fund for my exam fees.I might not have taken my SC/MCE exam if not for her.And she taught quran for a small fees to the neighbours children.Oh yes,I remembered how she sheltered us when my paklong would go on a rampage...oh my daddy.

Another 60+ tok who is a distant relative,was a story teller.Once a while .I would join the group on her tangga,mouth wide open to her stories about bawang putih bawang merah,puteri lindungan bulan and so on.So enthralled was me with her stories that i could even recall till now.She told us a story about how the coconut leaves got shredded to this day.
Well,those toks were not my own as mine were gone before I could even see them.

I am 60 but I dont have cucus to tell stories to.I dont go to neighbours house as toks of old days do.
But I have my blog,facebook,cellphone to connect me to children in the capital  and once in a blue moon to my friends ....
Hmmm ... what a dull life.Is it?

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