Thursday, February 28, 2013

if you have not known

akibat banjir
Been browsing the picture gallery of mine these few days.And I was knocked out by the total number of pictures that have been stored.

13,000 ++ pictures.Oh me.Oh my.

jemur gambar kena banjir
Had never attended any IT courses saved for a few basic ones.So organising pictures,compressing and loading pictures are procedures that I have to figure out myself.If I had known,I would have grabbed the many opportunities to go for courses free of charge.

Do you know that loading a picture to a blog direct from the camera takes a lot of your MB....I figured that out when my internet berokband exhausted itself as fast as it was replenished . Asyik nak mengayakan Anakanda Krishnan saja.Mana ada jalan....

I am still confused at the many programmes available
Which one should I choose.....

Photo Gallery or
Photo Manager  or
Picasa  or
Window Live etc etc

I have yet to learn how to keep my pictures in folders...sound stupid ,doesnt it.
and worse still I am still confused how to find the pictures in my hard drive ....stupidier still.

Hoho....learning is an ongoing process.But my 60 + medulla oblongata couldnt compute easily.

And I kept receiving notes about a who cares ceritificate from google...hey.Am I not authentic.The warning that someone might be an impersonating me is making my hair crawl on ends.PHEW!
Anda boleh baca kat sini dan sana.mcmana depa de clutter gambar gambar yang dah berabuk.

* back up externally  is the key word.kata depa.


  1. hi mokja, just followed ur blog..

    byknya pics...dah lama tak print photo...semua simpan dlm hd n backup kt external hd..

    1. As Salaam,cik Noe.
      Thanks. ..Welcome. printing photo tu zaman makcik muda muda dulu.Sekali banjir besar,tenggelam album.Tu yang jemur mcm keropok lekor.
      I have yet to learn many things ttg IT.Tokguru2 jauh nak minta free tuition.So try + error jadinya.

    2. sayangkan gambar2 tu...kenangan

      tak per mokja..steps by steps..noe pun still learning gak..

    3. Noe,
      utk org zaman dinasor mcm makcik lambat sikit nak catch up.Menangis makcik bila tgk gambar2 dah basah.melekat2.

  2. hahahahaa...kelakar la mokja ni...jgn cepat mengaku kalah mokja..lambat sikit tak per..janji dapat... :)