Saturday, February 16, 2013

Angie singing "Home" by Phillip Phillips

As our Astro been on default,makcik could only watch American Idol on Tv 8.And since the old bulky tv of the dining area too met with its demise,I am estranged from the programme which I love beside the VOICE.

Last night,cikli switched on tv 8 by accident and we were able to see the Hollywood part of the competition.How we rolled on our stomach laughing at the contestants barking their voice.Sheer exhaustion,discord among the group made many a group falter in their performances.Some were seen forgetting their lyrics or have them written on their hands,fingers and even funny.

I didnt spot this contestant last night but reading someone's facebook took me to her you tube.Oh my...i was captivated.
Angela Miller or Angie is one to be watched.Winner or not...she's one fabulous singer.Here come another supporter for her....mamason to be exact.


  1. Salam, Mamason. Lama betul tak menjengah ke sini.
    Apa khabar?

    1. Salam ,azie.
      Tq datang lawat.Mamason sihat utk kategori orang tua.Semoga begitulah sampai lagi tua hendaknya.

      Tapi tgn yang patah tu masih tak berapa baik lagi.

  2. Assalamualaikum mamason..
    lama tak tinggal komen...
    saya belum pernah meminati american idol..

    1. Salaam,ibu n abah@ akak too,
      Ya la,mamason bertapa dkt 5 bln .Buat hiburan light and easy bolehlah AI ni.
      Tanpa hiburan langsung kepla boleh bingun.Kan.

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