Saturday, May 5, 2012

The rescue


Dalam sibuk orang ber sit down di Dataran Merdeka,rumah no.7 sibuk dengan adigan rescue ala ala 911.


Since last night,the soft meowing of a kitten could be heard on the ceiling.Aduh ……ada lagi pula yang bersit down atas tu.

Hei ……anak anak kaki empat ni….ada ada saja malam malam ni……

Cukuplah orang orang kaki 2 berdemo kat KL,dia orang pun teringin juga .


By morning,the meowing seemed to come from within the house.Mamason,cikli and kakak from Pahang and Jinjang went looking for the source of that SOS.

At last it was established that it came from here.

The brown wall to wall built in cupboard has become a prison of sort.


As Cikli chiselled a piece of board in his attempt to retrieve the kitten, it was clear that it was Ciktam’s offspring.How it came to be there is still much a mistri nusantara.

Maka dengan hati yang sayu,mamason terpaksa relakan lemari ku dikorbankan.Demi menyelamat satu nyawa.

Ciktam trying to coax the helpless kitten out.


In the end ,a piece of board in the cupboard itself had to chipped off before the victim could be rescued.


Ciktam ni adik ninasandaq.Muda lagi dah terberanak.Bohsia betul.


It was not very long,when the rescued kitten went missing again……And it was soon up on the ceiling again.

Oh well,the rescue operation took nearly 1 hour.Not only was the treasured cupboard mauled,another piece of treasure too met with its untimely demise.

Cikli ‘s back scratcher atau penggaru belakang cikli too had to be sacrificed.Kesian kami.

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