Friday, April 20, 2012

Our classroom

This is the classroom that I left at noon today

The floor is without rubbish as The Teacher’s Helpers swept away the pieces of paper that accidently fell on the floor.
The chairs and tables neatly arranged by the girls and boys as they left the class.
Chairs tucked in,tables straightened in their groups.
The noticeboard saw more booklets been stapled for all to see.I was taken by surprise when a pemulihan student handed me a beautifully done story.Yes! A for effort although her work saw more corrections than others.I pinned it as a moral booster for her.

The one at the bottom is hers.
This time the students were taught the concertino type booklet.I once held a competition for the longest booklet to be produced.And the end result was a booklet that when opened could stretch from one corner of the classroom to the other end.
My vocabulary corner was started when I got hold of posters and pictures for RM 1.50 a piece.Stacked in a corner of the shop,I stumbled upon them when grocery shopping.I stapled them on the discarded door of the cupboard and had them in a corner of the classroom.Streams of students could be seen hovering over them when they have finished their work.

I have been googling on the net about classroom decoration and I was in awe with some of them especially those schools in the UK. Still remembered those cute classrooms in the primary schools that I visited.Awesome.
Wish I could make a thematic approach …..maybe about the sea . Hence there could be pirates,ships,treasures ,sea creatures etc etc.
And the children could be singing the Silly Pirate Song the whole day long.

Hmmmm……..if only my classroom would be bright and sunny when I opened the door every morning.As sometimes,this is what greeted me …..and took my spirit away.

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