Friday, April 27, 2012

Leaving 50.

Bye bye 50.

So today marked the day of my last 5.The numeral at the beginning of a sacred number….

And I happened to read if we passed that age we could be on the way to have 20 more years on the way.

Well…when it comes it comes.Not a day or a second later.

So cikli was the first to wish me all the lucks ,all the good health that would come early in the morning.


And right now waiting for the girls from Pahang and Jinjang to arrive home.Awesome.


Bought myself a bday present……the Quran ReadPen.

And the best bday present I want is to see my children having their own family.Hope my prayer is answered soon.


Insyaallah…..thinking of buying my own ticket to somewhere……after my teaching stint is over.

Its time too for me to have my me time…..

And hope that I would be in good health.Physically and mentally.Amin.




Banyak yang aku inginkan sbenarnya………


  1. Happy Birthday Cikgu. May all your wishes be granted, insyaallah. Semoga sentiasa diberi kesihatan and Allah's blessings.

  2. Noir HA,
    Thanks . Need all Allah's blessings and good health to sail the coming years.

  3. assalam Mamason
    I mengaminkan doa Noir juga.. "ameen".

    May you have a wonderful day.
    *Hugs n kisses*

  4. Ciksom,
    Terimakasih banyak banyak atas ingatan.
    Hope you too have wonderful days ahead.